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Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm sick

It's just a crappy cold. But I just feel gross. The four hours of sleep I had last night didn't seem to help much, either. Hmmm.
So why is it that when I'm sick, I'm required to do everything I would regularly do if I were not sick? Hmmmm? And why is it that there seems to be a double standard when, for example, the male counterpart (ie: the husband) is sick?
Ah, who am I kidding? It's the guilt that makes the woman behave differently when she is sick than a man. If I were to lie down and nap or rest or inhale menthol rub or do other appropriate sickness-curing things, the guilt would tear at me and rule my thoughts. Women come by this naturally. It must be induced in a man. By a woman.
Let's talk about something different.
Just now, I was making cookies with Aidan. His three year-old little self was excited about the experience, so I let him do nearly everything. When he was stirring the batter, I instructed, "try not to let it spill!" "I'm not!" he retorted hotly. Indeed, he was not. I let him dump the flour in, and began to mix it myself, knowing that the young lad had not the strength nor the dexterity to wield the spatula in the thickening goo. In a spectacular display of hipocricy, I proceeded to spill flour upon both the table and my being. Aidan laughed and announced, "you got flour on your boooobies!!!" I couldn't help but laugh. Aidan studied the mess for a moment and then stated, "you have big boobies, huh?" This is not true, but I simply said, "Mommy has boobs, yep!" He reached forward, saying, "I want to touch those boobies!" A man truely made from his father's DNA.
He didn't understand when I deftly contorted my flour-covered self away from his little hands and told him that we don't touch other people's boobies because they are private parts. "I just want to touch them!" he declared. I laughed and once again tried to explaing the whole private parts thing.
"Oh" he said.
I spent a couple of really long, really introspective moments. Was I handling this right? Is there something else I should be doing to smooth the situation? Was I making him feel sad? Embarrassed? Confused?
"Let's eat the cookies now!" Aidan shouted with glee.
I was flooded with relief.
Geez, if I feel this way now, how am I going to handle the teenage years???


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At 3:03 PM, Anonymous James said...

What a boy! He sounds like he is starting off correctly :) Just need to train him to touch the right peoples boobies.


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