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Monday, November 07, 2005


On Friday I finally received a flute that I'd won on eBay. I played flute in school band for years, and have missed it since I sold it (bad decision...teenager...wanted a car...lacking judgement...). So, I've been playing since. I was impressed that I remembered Pachelbel's Canon after 14 years, and I've taught myself Silent Night, the theme from Totoro, Brahm's Lullaby, and a few other tunes since. It's been fun.
Well, except for Liam. He wails when I play. So I wait 'til he sleeps, and then play softly downstairs. He wakes up. He dislikes my playing.
I'm going to keep trying though. Hopefully, he'll get used to it.
Our weekend was fine...Saturday was relaxed and spent mostly at home. Yesterday we went to the market in Ottawa and I was so happy to see the hat girl there. She makes these amazing fleece hats that cost too much but are too adorable not to buy. Aidan got a ladybug hat, and Liam got a mouse.

Do you see the tiny little pink parts of the ears and the nose? We asked for matching mittens and the girl handed me these pink things, to which I exclaimed, "but he's a boy!" She looked at me like I was retarded (and in hindsight, perhaps I was a touch mentally challenged) and said that a lot of mothers got the pink ones for their boys because they match the hat. I asked for brown. Hence the brown mitten you can see in the picture.

I also got a Sisa Piquari cd. They're from Equador and have really flute-intensive music with good beats. They were playing in the Market and I've passed up way too many opportunities to get a cd.
We roamed around the Rideau Center for a while. Caleb and I had a pretzel from the new PretzelMaker. We're so happy they've got a local store now...we missed them from when we lived in NS. We went to Sears and spent way too much time looking for a gift for my Dad (and finally leaving frustrated), and got a couple of sleepers for Liam, who seems to be growing out of everything now. I'm regretting all the money we spent on baby clothes!
Liam was a great baby all day...I fed him in a big changing room in Sears, and he was happy. I write this next part with some regret: the only time he cried was after I was trying hats on him. The sharp side of the velcro was against his precious little skull, and the hat was a bit snug. Unaware of the velcro, I forced the hat down. Poor kid was not impressed. It's no wonder that when I put it on him again later (velcro safely away from his scalp), he displayed his displeasure quite loudly.
Wow what a boring entry.
Boring but true!


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