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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All I Want For Christmas is to be Saved From This Monotony

Okay before you start lecturing me about how thankful I should be for how lucky I am and all of that touchy-feely nonsense, let me just say this: I am aware of how lucky I am.
Three beautiful children. Good job. Great friends. Sweet ass.
It's not my fault that I get bored easily.
My resume is easily over ten pages long, and that's not including all the pre-University stuff like...McDonald's! And...Volunteer Councellor at Church Camp! I get settled, I learn stuff, I make myself useful, then my eyes start to look beyond the proverbial horizon and my mind starts to churn in discontent.
What's next? it whispers, knocking persistently on my forehead, scratching unceasingly at my frontal lobe.
But you know what? The most recent onset of this strange affliction of mine has me frustrated. I'm tired of the "something new"s. I am. Because eventually, it all just becomes...well, rather same old, same old, you know?
So I've made a pact with myself.
I'm sticking it out.
I'm going to stay put. That's right! Even though it's simply not in my nature, I'm going to be still for a while.
Stop searching.
I don't need something new right now!
I just need to work on what I have.
I can do it!
For a couple of months at least!

Now that you know that, I bet you're wondering what I'm doing tonight!
Am I a fantastic psychic or what?
Well, it's volleyball night for Jim, so I'm basically eating oreos and watching tv. I might put The Others on in a minute, if I can motivate myself out of this chair.
What are you doing?


At 11:04 PM, Blogger deepoet said...

What am I doing? Reading yer blog, wondering what I should put in my blog next. And stuff. Wondering how I can get all the shy, computer illiterate, dear old friends to post to my other blog. Being thankful it's Wednesday night and not this past Monday night, with me stuck an hour and a half from home in a snowstorm with no buses running. I ended up walking most of the way. It made me very tired and sore.
I'm bored too. No real crisis or anything here. You've been having a much harder time of it lately. I worry for you a bit. And I love you,

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous bee said...

I'm reading you!

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

Ditto - reading you OF COURSE. And being jealous of your sweet ass.


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