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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I found my pee-pee! or The Mystery of the Soaked Shirt

First off, let us clear the air: yes, we call it a pee-pee. Yes, the boys know it's actually a penis. But "penis" is just too...stodgy*, or something. Besides, both my Mom and Jim's Mom called it a pee-pee. So there you go.
So between the age of about 18 months until Aidan was potty trained (which was around 2.5 years), a perplexing event would occur most frequently. We would settle the young tyke into the bottom bunk after a story. He would be warm and sleepy-eyed, usually clutching a random toy or animal, and smiling up at us...darling and innocent. The heart would warm. "Oh, what wondrous force has brought this joy upon us, husband?" I would ask emphatically. We would smile at each other and leave the boys to thier sleep and dreams, our arms draped around each other in love and solidarity.
Then, sometime during the night, a whimper. Soft - almost too soft to hear. But there. And again! Yes, one of the young ones was in distress. We (or one of us) would stumble into the kid's room, and discover Aidan, soaked from navel to neck in pee.
"How?" we would exclaim!
The diaper seemed relatively dry...and it wasn't like Aidan was lying on his stomach and thusly putting pressure on the diaper, which would, theoretically, force the pee up and out. Nope, he was on his back, just as we left him.
So we started to check him before bed, and discovered something that was not shocking; Aidan would be sound asleep, his hand buried up to mid-forearm in his pants. Totally normal, right? At first, in our innocence, we did not connect this to the mystery of the soaked shirt. Jim finally clued in one night when he realized that, upon being found, Aidan's pee-pee may have become...*ahem*...excited, and consequently would point north.
In the direction of the shirt.
Mystery solved. Each night, we would remove the hand, face the offending pee-pee south once again, and retire without worry.
Caleb was much the same, although not as enthusiastic as Aidan in the pee-pee discovery department. At around 6 months, both boys discovered this fun toy and would be delighted during bath times and diaper changes. Even now, "it's not pee-pee playing time" is a phrase that leaves my lips more often than I will admit.
Liam, at nearly 5 months is an exceptional child. Yesterday, he sat by himself. He knows how to get my attention my waving his arms and beaming a gummy grin in my direction. Or yelling. He recognizes the word, "boobie". Perhaps he is a touch higher on the evolutionary scale than the rest of us!
He found his pee-pee weeks ago.

*hehehe! Stodgy! Ah, I love the word.


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous James said...

Love the "pee-pee playing time".


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