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Thursday, June 22, 2006


If I were more patient, I would paint. Wonderful landscapes with sea and sky and a smattering of flowers in the fields. I can see my paintings in my mind. They’re full of colour, of feeling, and of life.

If I were more patient, I would write a book. I have several written already, in my head. The characters are like real people, poised and ready to be revealed in a story, on paper. But oh, the time that would take. To somehow get it all from inside my head and onto paper.

Do you ever do this? Wish that you could be motivated (or simply have the time) to accomplish things you know are inside of you? I think I do it too much. So today, I shall focus on what I am doing.

I sing. All the time. You don’t have to listen if you don’t want to. But there it is. I sing in my office, in the car, while I’m watching TV. I even wake in the middle of the night, a song on my lips. It’s non-stop. And if you can’t hear me singing, you can rest assured there’s one playing in my head. Each note, every instrument is there, accompanying my thoughts.

I bake. I like to take the ingredients, measure them, put them all together, mix them, and put them in the oven. What comes out is my creation. And usually yummy. It’s immensely satisfying.

I set goals. Would you believe that one of my greatest fears is to find myself without goals? To achieve everything I aspire to would be frightening…what would I do then? I set goals every day, all day. Small ones and big ones. I like figuring out how I’ll accomplish something, and I love the feeling of getting there. It’s powerful, that feeling, and it spurs me on to do more.

We still haven’t figured out what we’re doing on our vacation. Your ideas are wonderful, one and all, but we haven’t quite solidified it yet. Jim and I keep hemming and hawing, going over and over the details and the options. I did a budget. I did three budgets! I figured it out. I set goals, and I worked out just how we could do it. It was so immensely satisfying that the need to actually go on the vacation was slightly diminished. Odd. Now that I know we could do it, it doesn’t seem so…necessary. But I am still considering. It would be so good for us, and the obvious option for everyone to have fun.

I like fun.

What kinds of things do you do well? What do you think you’d do well, but just don’t do?


*edited to add: We're going to Vermont. And guess what I say? WOOHOO!!!! I'll take pictures!


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous bee said...

Aw, I'm so PROUD of you! Have fun! I'm glad you didn't decide to stay home...yjolrnw

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous mamatulip said...

I'm so glad you're going.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger MB said...

Damn...I was so hoping for visitors!

At 8:34 PM, Blogger MomToTracyNSheri said...

I'm really glad you are going. You need to go. Go!!

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous bee said...

BWAH-ha-haaaaaaaa! That last word of my comment? That's what the secret anti-spam password was! Hee! I was wondering why it didn't post right away.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Jenn said...

Yay! Yay yay yay!

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

I'm sorry that we won't get to see you and your beautiful boys before we go out East...But we'll keep in touch by e-mail and hopefully there'll be enough nice weather left in August or September when we're back to have a BBQ complete with outdoor fun.

Have a great time!

Jill xo

At 3:00 PM, Blogger s@bd said...

SO glad you're going to Vermont.

Do you have room for a few more?

heh heh

At 6:59 PM, Blogger The Mater said...

Going for the gusto! You guys sure live on the edge :>)

Have a wonderful and carefree time (as carefree as one gets with three little guys tagging along)!

What delightful posts to come!

I'll answer the "what do you do?" later ...

Hugs xxoo


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