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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ghost Story Wednesday (It's Blogger's Fault!)

I’ve never really “gotten” much from pictures of orbs. I can’t explain them, I don’t get specific messages from them…sometimes, I get a definite energy from them, but like most people, I can only guess at what they mean. Still, they’re fascinating, aren’t they? Because they make us wonder!

While I was in Vermont, we drove a lot. The road leading away from the resort was winding and tree-lined, and happened to have this beautiful old mill on it:

I admired the mill every day, saying often that I wanted to take pictures of it. “It’s haunted,” I said to Jim, who offered many times to stop so I could snap a few pictures. I kept putting it off until the last time we drove down that road and away from the resort. They day was overcast, but I was overjoyed it wasn’t raining. Maybe I could get some good pictures. I snapped several, then connected to the energy of the place and asked any entity that was there to show up in the next picture. I immediately felt a coolness in front of me, snapped the shot, and got this:

“COOL!” I shouted, but nobody heard me; Jim was arguing with the boys in the van and the street was deserted. Still, I think somebody must’ve heard…so I whispered, “thanks,” too.

One rainy morning, I went outside very early in the morning to take shots of the weather, and felt a presence all around me, and everywhere…I got this:

Yes, it could be rain, and I would say that it was automatically, except…except for that feeling. That presence. And this is rain:

Different, no?

When I got home, I found a note from a dear reader in my inbox, with this attached:

And here’s a really cool one (I like the blue colour) from a few months ago, from another reader:

Another one from a dear friend and reader which has special meaning:

Truly, I think these orbs mean something to the person taking the picture, and the people who will see the picture. I think they’re presences. They want to be in the picture, too…because they’re there, too!

What do you think?

Any orb experts out there?

In any case, keep sending your pictures and I'll keep posting them.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger LynAnne said...

I guess I can comment since the Easter egg hunt photo is one that I took. This totally freaked me out. I snapped a quick series of photos from the same position and the blue light only appears in the one. I didn't notice anything at the time but I probably was caught up in the moment. My parents had just moved into this house a few months earlier so I don't have a good feel for the house yet.

The photo is of my younger son who is the sensitive one in our family. He's the one who sees things in his room at night. He screams bloody murder if his room is dark because the "light shadows" (his words - he's autistic) bother him.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't really see the orb in the third picture.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger MB said...

So cool! I love this stuff! More now, as you might imagine ;)

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know to much about orbs, but I know they are concentrated energy and the easiest way for a spirit to represent itself. I get orbs all the time in my house, sometimes you can see things in them or just see the different layers and colors ...same layers you get from auras and chakra colors.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Jennboree said...

Call it my ignorance but how do you know the orb is that and not lighting or a spot on the camera? Same with seeing orbs in person. How do you tell when it is an orb and not light reflecting?

I'm here to learn...

At 9:04 AM, Blogger aka_Meritt said...

*most* of the time orbs are actually a speck of dust reflected. Once in a great while it can't be explained, but typically it's a play on the light, or a dust particle.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous the Mater said...

Hello dear Tree from the Mattern-Lane household in the Berkshires where the ghosts are friendly and all the women are very good looking :>)

Needless to say, this is the kind of orb that is almost identical to yours and your posters ... a perfect circle which also is showing in the photo Jenn took of her ancestor wall and where her grandmother Mimi's photo was displayed ...

If it is a particle of dust then wouldn't it be less perfect. have some irregularity to it?

I just know that the orb appeared right in the corner where the grandmother's picture was and it was May, the month of her coming and going in this life.

Fascinating stuff! Wait 'til Jenn sees this.


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