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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Poor Baby

Yesterday, I took Liam to the doctor to get his four-month shots. Yes, he's five months old. Long story.
I dread these visits for obvious reasons...and when the doc started going over the possible side-effects of the shot, images of the next two days filled my mind: fevers, screaming, my arms sore from holding the baby. And you know what happened? Some quiet, strong little part of me said how wonderful it is that I get the priviledge of being a mother, and of taking care of this beautiful little boy. How lucky I am that I get to soothe the hurts of my own flesh and blood. And I felt very, very calm.
Liam was wickedly charming. As soon as the doctor walked into the room, he began to wave his arms at her and laugh. He smiled and cooed and bounced on my lap. He reached for her as she listened to his heart and lungs, gazed at her through his eyelashes as she looked into his eyes, endured critical observations of his poor little head (more on that later), and uttered not a peep of discontent, though he was wearing only his diaper in a rather chilly room. I don't know about the doctor, but I fell deeply in love with this amazing little creature all over again. Then, just as Liam was laughing and reaching for her, she jabbed him with that 1.5" needle. I believe that if we could translate "baby", Liam's screams would roughly mean, "WHAT THE HOLY HELL?"
It only lasted a few seconds, though, and then, although he wasn't back to his exuberant self, he was fine. He even grinned at me as I dressed him, but his eyes were a bit more cloudy. A bit confused. "What just happened here?" they said.
And he has more appointments to come. That brief comment about his head, above, was actually a discussion that culminated in a referral to a pediatric neurologist. Looks like the kid's got a touch of plagiocephaly, most likely from those last two months of being lodged in the exact same spot in my womb. Yeesh. Have a baby early, they have problems. Have a baby at term, and thier heads come out funny. I can't win, people.
Anywho, the doc was clear that ultimately, if it were recommended that he wear a helmet (23 hours a day, mind you), the decision would be up to us, and it is really an esthetics thing. I don't know what we'd do. I know that I noticed the shape of his head, if not only because it is so drastically different from the other boys'...but will it be severe enough to be noticed as he grows up? The treatment is expensive (over $1200!) and not covered by that will factor into the decision as well.
So, how is the wee boy since yesterday? With regular doses of tylenol, Liam is faring as well as I could have expected. He's got a low-grade fever, and yeah, my arms a sore, but he slept well last night, and his crankiness can usually be quelled with a toy. Or a boob. Typical male.


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous James said...

It loos more like the Brachycephaly to me :) All the same in the end though.


The Government insurance might cover it. They cover almost anything with a perscription/rerferral. Let's hope!

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh man and i'm sure we've made a few innocent jokes about those helmets from time to time haha...oh boy..i always thought it was funny..i actually think you SHOULD do it coz then i could see what a baby in a helmet looks like *helmet fetish* i'm all about silly lookin helmets tree..go for it lol so its not from him sleepin in the same spot? it just shaped like that in yo belly? i didnt know..expensive ahhhh i dont know what to tell ya..your motherly instincts will tell you what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Eve said...

Man, in that first year, it seems like the baby is getting shots every 10 minutes, doesn't it? And the killer part is having to HOLD THEM IN PLACE while the evil nurse stabs them repeatedly with the immunization sword/needle.
Now that our 18 month shots are behind us, I am giddy that I won't have to take my girl in until she is 4!!!! That's like... 20 million years away! Woo hoo!


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