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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You sung to me

You were scared I'd fall, so I sat on your knee, held up by your giant hands. I worked to hold my head up so I could see you. Look into your eyes; my eyes. I recognized me there.

Your arrival was a relief. Like I'd been waiting. It was a balm for my soul. Sister.

Your arrival was a gift, and it blesses me still, every day.

You made me feel safe when they couldn't.

You taught me to use my brain.

You taught me to use my heart.

You taught me to use my heart when my brain was weak, and to trust my gut when my heart was weak.

You forgave me.

You walked me to school when I was so, so terrified.

You understood my fear.

You loved me.

You looked at me like I was real...not just "poor" or "pretty" or "scared".

You followed me.

You let me cry.

You held my hand on the railroad tracks...and kissed me there.

You loved me when I wouldn't love you back.

You gave me everything.

You trusted me.

You encouraged me to be the best, and I was.

You looked at me and your eyes told me I was beautiful.

You grew within me.

You took the best part of me, and I gladly gave it. You love me better than anyone. You show me the worst and the best of me. You teach me. You stole my heart. You fill me up. Son.

You grew within me.

You drove me crazy. You nearly died. You nearly died again. And again. You amaze me every day, with your very presence. And astonish me with your joy of living. Son.

You grew within me.

You shocked me. You look like me. You have my temper. You squeeze my heart with your beauty. You have so much promise. Son.

You are quiet, but you are there.

You will always stand by me.

You are loyal.

You are unwilling to bend...but you expect me to.

You confuse me.

You tell me I'm beautiful.

You tell me I'm good.

You gave me a gift.

You sing to me, still...


At 9:13 PM, Blogger deepoet said...

Sometimes I read something you've written and I get short of breath... as if to breathe while absorbing this would somehow corrupt it. You touch my heart, sweetie.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Tree, are you still doing remote readings? You did one for me quire a while ago and I was astounded. Somethings are very up in the air for me right now and I am in great need of one, if that is possible.

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Dad, thank you for that. :) It means so much, considering I feel the same reading your stuff.

Lisa - Hi! Not so much with the remote readings lately; when my life is stressful, I tend to shut down a bit. But email me and we'll work it out.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger The Mater said...

Powerful stuff ... you are gifted in so many ways, dear Tree.

Hugs and warm thoughts.


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