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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This and That

First, is it sick that I am thrilled to be visited by so many people searching for the lyrics to "Silent Fart"? To all of you googlers out there who are visiting me for that very reason, I am pleased to be of assistance. Oh, and you ROCK!

Also, my sister is very talented in the graphics arena. This morning I decided to be all creative and take cute pictures of Liam for the Christmas season. I sent the best off to Jim, who remarked that they were awesome except for the glaringly obvious scratch marks all over the poor kid's head. The boy likes to scratch. So, off went the pics to Jen, and voila! No scratch marks, and nice effects to boot. Jen, you ROCK too!

That one reminds me of one I took of Aidan in the summer (ah, sweet summer...why have you forsaken me?) with real bubbles:

Do you see? Do you see that there is no snow in that picture? It's freaking cold outside right now, people, and I have a touch of cabin fever. I'm making Jim leave me the van tomorrow so Liam and I can go shopping. Woo! And I may have his pictures taken at Sears. I've resisted so far, but he's 6 months now and I did it long before this with Caleb and Aidan.

Eek...I wonder if they'll be able to touch up the scratches?


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Great pics !!!

Oh my , your boys are to die for !!!

I have not yet taken Ella for photos and Josiah only once . Yikes.

My hubby is a graphic designer too and I appreciate having him correct my photos. I just got photoshop on my computer so he is going to teach me to do my own pics.

I would love to have your snow.


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