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Monday, January 22, 2007

Caleb's Eye Hurts

This morning, Caleb complained his eye was hurting. When I offered to take it out and wash it, Aidan became concerned that the removal of Caleb's eye would cause his immediate demise. Specifically, "BUT THEN HE WOULD DIE, MOM!"
I carefully explained that, in order to live, the body must have a functioning heart, which pumps the blood, lungs, which take care of the air end of the deal, blood, which travels around the body delivering good things, and the brain, which orchestrates it all. I went on to say that the removal of Caleb's eye would most likely not damage any of that, and certainly wouldn't cause enough blood loss to kill him.
Aidan looked thoughtful, and then that boy...that beautiful, four year-old boy said:
"Mom, when someone you love very much goes away...isn't there anymore...your heart gets broken."
Tears sprang to my eyes and the goofiness of the situation faded like dust motes moving out of a beam of sunlight.
I asked him to say it again. He did, and I promptly melted into a puddle on the dining room floor. How I love that I love all my boys. How can I ever be the mother they deserve? How did I deserve the opportunity? How do I live up to it? Can I?
I so want to.
I guess that's what's important.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger deepoet said...

When I first saw pictures of Aidan just after he was born, I remember thinking; strength, he's going to be a strong man. And he's showing that already, in so many ways. Strength doesn't necessarily preclude sensitivity. And I don't know what any of us do to deserve such blessings. Blessings are miracles in disguise, and when we receive one, we all wonder why we're so lucky, as I did countless times over the years as you, my children, grew up.


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