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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Child, He is Adorable


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous oddmix said...

Oh, the eyes, they are amazing!

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Tree said...

Hehehe! He's won many a battle with those eyes.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Ann Marie said...

Those eyes... those eyes are .. those eyes have me transfixed!!!

Dear lord how do you EVER tell him no??

Again another great shot Tree.. I am still debating but I have decided on the Lumix.. just not which one yet.

I am THINKING that I should wait until my birthday beause my dad said he would get me the $400 one.. maybe I will add the difference and get the GOOD one. hehehehe

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Jessica said...

Why yes, yes he is adorable. Those eyes just melt my heart.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger kris said...

Tree, can you drop me an email, please? I can't seem to find your email on the site, or your old emails, to reply to. And, I have some news for you. Thanks! Kris

At 2:04 PM, Blogger deepoet said...

Treesey babe,
I miss you posting frequently, but understand your reasons to cut back. I go to your Flickr page and look at the pictures there - you've done so well in making a beautiful family. Here's wishing you a great Mother's Day, and continued growth as you explore your considerable talents.
Love you, my girl,


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