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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ghost Story

I was going to write a cute post about Liam's new affection for playing peekaboo, but I've decided to write about my ghost instead. Because I just saw him again.
So just so's you know, I occasionally work as a psychic medium.
It's ok, it's ok, take a deep breath. Sorry, I should have told you to sit down first. I probably just lost some readers.
Anywho, yeah, I see dead people and all that. But as a rule, I close myself off completely unless someone needs help.
You're allowed to think I'm strange; I'm totally down with that. And I agree!
Moving on. Like I said, I don't open myself up when I'm at home. With three kids, a husband, and a resident brother to deal with, I'm pretty busy without talking to the dead, too. But sometimes, they get through.
I knew we had some ghosts here when we moved in, and quickly began ignoring them with the stubbornness of...well, of me. I'm pretty stubborn. Some things happened here and there...voices on the monitors, strange noises...oh, and I heard my name very clearly when nobody was home. I actually came upstairs because I thought Jim was calling me. Regardless, I was able to pretty successfully ignore them. I knew there was a man and a woman, and that they were unrelated. The woman began hanging out in my room, so I figured out what was up with her and helped her out. The man, on the other hand, has been more quiet. Until recently.
A couple of months ago, I began to hear footsteps above me while I was upstairs. They were unmistakable and clear, and scared the crap out of me because hearing footsteps above me while I was upstairs meant there was somebody walking around in my attic. I convinced myself that I was hearing echoes of our neighbor's footsteps (we're in a semi-detached, side-by-side duplex). That worked well until one day, after I put Liam to bed. I began leaving the room when, directly above me, the footsteps began again. I stopped cold in my tracks. The footsteps stopped. I walked a few more steps. A few more footsteps. I bolted out of the room and stopped, gasping for breath, by the top of the stairs. For a second or two, there was no sound.
Then, running footsteps following the same path I had been on and stopping above my head. Although I was certain then that this was not the echoing footsteps of my neighbors, I looked out into their driveway anyway. Both cars were gone.
That day, Jim had been on a mill tour near our house. When he stopped in for lunch, I demanded that he check the attic. He did, though he couldn't see much of anything, much less some vagrant hiding out and spying on us. Or tricksy ghosts. He did mention, though, that the "floor" up there was indeed only planks of wood with insulation in between; it would be hard to make any sort of normal footsteps up there.
Visions of upside-down ghosts walking on my ceiling filled my mind.
That night, I opened up and asked the ghost to please leave me alone. Sometimes, that's enough, and for a while, it was! I haven't heard any footsteps since then.
Then, last week, I had come downstairs for a glass of water after putting Liam to bed. It was somewhere around 3am, and I was tired and thirsty. The door to the basement was wide open, which is nothing unusual; Jeff leaves it open for the cats. I walked by it to get some water at the sink, then walked back. As I passed the basement stairs, I saw him out of the corner of my eye: he was standing about halfway down the stairs and was sort of softly glowing, and looking up at me. He had a jacket on and some baggy pants, and his hands hung at his sides. An unmistakable "hello" was said. I simply walked onward and up the stairs, determined to go on about my ghost-free life. But no use; he knew now that I perceived him.
Three nights ago, again after putting Liam down, I started down the stairs to, again, get some water. As I was coming down the stairs, I saw a glowing light in the middle of the living room. It was as if someone was shining a flashlight up from the floor - there was no perceivable shape or figure, just light. In a second, it was gone. I stood there for a long time, just looking at that spot, but the light did not reappear. When I went back to bed, I drifted off, then suddenly woke again. I looked at the clock, which said 3:33, and thought, "that's a weird time to suddenly wake up," and Liam let out a high-pitched scream like I'd never heard before.
Today, walking by the basement door again, I saw him. This time, the door was open less than a foot, but I saw something out of the corner of my eye and glanced back without thinking. He was at the top of the stairs, only a couple of feet away, and his face was as plain as day. He is older, deeply wrinkled, and large. He looked into my eyes. He wants something.
So, now I either have to redouble my efforts to block him, or just get on with it and figure out what he wants.
Working as a medium is very different than seeing your own ghosts. When I help others, I see the dead as images in my mind, like pictures. I hear words and music, smell certain's a rare occasion that I physically see. So I'm a little miffed that my peaceful world is being interrupted.

Uh oh. You're all weirded out. You're thinking I'm crazier than the title of the blog implies. You're thinking maybe I need to get on some good drugs.
Hmmmm what to do?
I know! Look at the pretty baby! Theresa's not weird! Look! Where's Liam?

Where's Liiiiaaaaam?


Ah, that's better. Let's have some tea and never speak of this again, shall we?


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Wow, I have some stories too . I will have to email them to you .
Liam is so handsome !!! I love the tag blanket where did you get it ??? My Ella loves the tag on her blanket ( understatment) and holds it up to her nose as she sucks her fingers. I was going to sew some more on for her.

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

I have to say I loved that. I am all goosebumpy and stuff! HEHE...*bouncy bouncy*

Not the fact that you are haunted in your own home or anything but that you are opening up IN YOUR OWN HOME:) and WRITING about it:) was it therapeutic? come WAS wasn't it!

I heard a good saying awhile back...children are afraid of the dark and adults are afraid of the light. Truth isn't it:)


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Jennboree said...

No, no! Speak of it more. I'm totally fascinated.

The peekaboo did help relieve the shivers up my spine from your story though.

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally loved it too.

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Lisa, you still owe me the email about your stories!
Kel, hey girlie! Thought you'd like that. I owe you an email. You'll get it soon; I was at Jen's today.
Jenn, yay! Being fascinated is better than being freaked out any day!
Hi JO! Thank you. Sleep well tonight!

At 7:52 PM, Blogger LoriLaurieLauri said...

I'm definitely fascinated, also! I've had several ghosts, and although I'm not afraid of it, my initial reaction is shock, but only because it appears so quickly and out of the blue (I'm a very jumpy person) it disappears. I wish I could just be calm about it and have time to open myself up more, but it just never happens.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger LynAnne said...

Probably people reading your blog won't think you're crazy -- they will wish they had guts to post about their own experiences.

We had a ghost as well, though it's been a few years since I've seen or heard him/her. When we first moved into our house it was newly built in the grove of a farm field near the old Mormon pioneer trail. New houses make noises, of course, but we had more than our fair share. Then, several months after we moved, my oldest son started waking up screaming about someone being in his doorway or in front of his closet. I didn’t pay much attention until I had a similar experience. One night something suddenly woke me. I thought I was still dreaming even though I knew I was wide awake. A young person was standing in the doorway of my room. I gasped and sat up, waking my husband in the process. Of course there was nothing there by then. A few nights later one of my son’s electric toys just suddenly started making noise in the toy room down the hall. The toy had been left in the middle of the room so nothing was pressing on it. My husband claimed that it was probably the batteries just going dead. The following night, a different toy went off. Other times, my youngest son (autistic and nonverbal at that point) would stare and laugh at something unseen. The cats would suddenly freak out and a few times I’d catch a glimpse of something. After several other weird occurrences, I was more than a little unsettled and my husband had to admit it was just too freaky to be a coincidence.

Gradually the weird events became less frequent. The scientist in me tries to be rational about all this, but after having the experiences I did I can’t so easily dismiss them. I wonder if our house was built on/near the grave site of a pioneer who didn’t survive the long trek. Pretty wacky, huh?

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Ooooooh Lynanne, now YOU'RE giving ME the shivers. The worst is waking up and seeing someone in a doorway. Interestingly, I've seen several ghosts in doorways...closets, bedroom, etc. Even this latest guy is in the basement doorway. Like they're entry points.
Also interesting that children are so sensitive. I always take my kids very seriously when they "see" something.
Ok now I have to try and go to sleep. Try being the operative word!

At 10:27 PM, Blogger MomToTracyNSheri said...

Hi Trees! Love this blog. When I have some energy, I'm adding you to my links.

No no no! We like the ghost stories. I am not in tune with the spirit world but I am very jealous of people who are! This is not a tea and crumpets crowd you know.

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Eve said...

Oooooooooohhhhhh! I love this stuff, and I HATE this stuff, because I totally believe you. Do you have more ghosty stories... just to make sure that I never sleep again?

At 12:00 AM, Blogger MomSquared said...

lol well I don't know whether you are crazy or not, but you sure are funny.

My mom died of cancer in November of 2004. She was my best friend. I'm not a spiritual person at all, but there was one night where I was convinced I could feel her, and she was asking me if it would be okay to leave me alone. It was very strange. Of course my answer was, no, I'm not ready yet.

At 1:53 AM, Blogger MomSquared said...

I would be interested to see a post about your view about what happens to people after they die?

At 7:25 AM, Blogger Tree said...

momtotracynsheri, I love your blog! I'm gonna link you right back!
Hey Eve, what up, homegirl? I have way too many ghost stories...maybe I should institute a ghost story day or something?
Shevon, glad to see you! I have been enjoying your blog. My sincere condolences about your Mom. I can't imagine how hard that must be to go through. Keep yourself open to her. :) Of course, being in my line of work, I've got lots of theories about what happens to us after we die, but I don't think we're supposed to understand it completely, you know? I could only tell you what I've seen.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Jenn said...

Oh, Tree, please do not stop! I had no idea about your other calling -- this story was so compelling. I wish you lived around the corner so I could make you come over and tell me more stories while I kept refilling your tea cup and plying you with zucchini bread and cupcakes. Not that I make zucchini bread and cupcakes, but I would learn if you would just come over and tell me more. DO NOT LEAVE US HANGING!

We live in a 1903 Colonial in western Massachusetts, in an old mill town. Our house feels pretty friendly, but the first Valentine's Day night that we were here, a white orb of light appeared in our room, over the dresser where we keep old black and white photos of our grandparents. Needless to say, we flipped out, and it disappeared quickly, almost as if saying, "Oops, my bad, didn't mean to startle you." Haven't been visited by it since, but we wish we understood more about this kind of stuff like you do. Have you always seen ghosts? You amaze me. Thanks so much for sharing. And. Don't. Stop. Please.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Tree said...

Wow, Jenn! Thanks so much. I think I've decided to have a regular day to talk about this...maybe one day a week? I'm thinking.
Light is a common ways for entities to show up; it's a manifestation of energy that we can see here, where we are. Just a "hello" usually. :) And WHERE they appear can be significant; I think where yours appeared is, in this case.
Ok my zuchinni bread and cupcakes are on the way, right?

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

Hey, what about the guy who actually lives in the basement? Just imagine how I feel. Actually that ghost is a great guy - last week we sat up all night playing poker. A devil witht he inside straights he is.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Uh, Jeff? Pretty sure this IS the guy living in the basement.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

I meant me. The ghosts keep asking me to do their hair and I'm out of BrylCreem. Help me Tangina!

At 3:23 PM, Blogger candyfortheteacher said...

Hey, I am new to oyour blog. I found it through a friend of a friend blogger. Anyway, it is ironic that I found you on the day you write about your gift. I also have a gift. I have helped with several situations mostly unsolved cases. I am 100% top secret. This makes it easy to talk about it with someone other thatn my husband and the authorities that know my gift. I also have 2 friends haunting my home. We have been here a year. They are from the research I have done the couple that lived and died here many years ago. My home is built on the sight of an old farm house that burned. I have managed to communicate with them. They have hidden my husbands keys, they shoot light bulbs, annoying things like that. Oh this is getting to long. If you want to share more with each other contact me by my e-mail

At 3:56 PM, Blogger s@bd said...

I don't believe that ghosts exist ... so what the heck am I supposed to do with your experiences already?


Probably best if I lurk on the ghost days ... like a ginger-haired apparition ...

[cue freaky music]

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Candy, I will be writing you!
S, feel free to lurk on Tuesdays! Hee hee maybe I can convince you...:)
By the way, I saw on your site that you used to play the piccolo. I play flute...we should do some sort of wierd woodwind duet!
I still suck a little, though...

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

Hellooooo! You indeed crazy but I like you more and more (in a completely NON-stalkerish kind of way I hasten to add). More ghost stories! Jo

At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

LOVE Liam's Taggie as well - I thought you could only get them over here - there goes my "unique" gift idea every time an overseas friend has a baby!!

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Haha, jo, you made me laugh!
I got the Taggie on the internet, and ended up paying ridiculous customs fees on it. But I know a woman who makes them; here's her email:
Hers are just as good, and cheaper, too!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

Thank you for sharing -- I'm weirded out in a good way. :)

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Pink Rocket said...

I SO have chills! I would love to know what he wants. I've had a few ghosts but was never able to see them, just hear and smell. I am so intriged by the supernatural but still call myself a skeptic. I've also had a few moments where I can see things that happend before I was born...weird...

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not crazy. fascinating.

i have never had any kind of paranormal experience but i accept the possibility of it existing so its fascinating.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Diana said...

Hi! Here through Breed em and weep...
First- love the blanket, wish I had had one when The Little Man was a baby. Instead I ended up with about 23 blankets.
Second- I told Jenn I will be joining you guys on ghost story tuesday because I have got some stories. We lived in a "haunted" (in my belief) house for about 11 years...
Love your site, will be linking you...

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Eden said...

I'm a skeptic but I've had my own experiences so I know of what you speak. I certainly don't think you're crazy and that's partly b/c of the calm and factual storytelling you did in your entry.

Beyond that, this was so cool to read!

At 4:46 PM, Blogger jennifer starfall said...

de-lurking. i'm here from breed 'em and weep, with goosebumps.

i’ve felt... ghosts before, and dreamt a lot about a little girl when i was younger…

my husband sees them. his grandmother has visited him a few times since her passing; she silently rages at him, and he can't figure out why. just recently, he almost pooed the bed when he saw a little girl standing by his feet in the bedroom. he described her to me (i woke up when he screamed), and it was the little girl from my dreams! and i had never told him about her.

he's going through a very active period right now and is scared to death. i keep telling him that maybe he should try to DO something for them instead of getting angry about not being able to control his encounters...

anyway, it was fun reading about your basement creeper. scared the bejeebus out of me, but i'm glad you shared.

At 1:19 AM, Blogger rina said...

awesome. i love it. i just found your blog and will be back for more. i have seen plenty of ghosts as well. not for many years, but i am a believer.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous ozma said...

I so desperately want to read this carefully but you see, I think I have a ghost in my apartment and I really don't want to have a ghost or believe in this ghost. So I had to skim the post and close my eyes and whatnot.

Crud. Please tell me there are no ghosts.

The other thing I want to ask is: Please tell me that these non existent ghosts don't follow you when you move.


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