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Monday, February 27, 2006

My Mind Hurts

That is the time at which my beloved son woke up for the day.
Ok I just don't get it. How can an 8 month-old baby need less sleep than moi?
So, for the last three weeks, he's been waking at 4:30 every morning, and Jim and I have been pulling our hair out (and crying bitter tears, and writing poetic lamentations to our long lost love, sleep) trying to figure out what we can do to amend the situation. After trying to put him to sleep later, feeding him more, breastfeeding TONS, letting him cry (then wail, then scream, then puke), changing to cooler sleepers, then changing to warmer sleepers, turning the heat up, then down, putting him in bed with us, etc. etc. etc., we decided that maybe it was time to move him out of the hammock. We figured he must get frustrated not being ale to roll around when he gets uncomfortable. And it was so snug that he had begun to sweat, no matter how cool we tried to keep him.
That decided, the official project for the weekend was to move the old entertainment center out of the baby's room and into Caleb and Aidan's room, and set up the crib. Jim accomplished most of that on Saturday morning, and after I spent some time sorting old toys and organizing both rooms, things were looking pretty good.
Saturday night, Liam seemed to enjoy his first stint in the crib. He automatically rolled onto his side and there were high-fives all around. We had solved it! He was just uncomfortable! When he woke at 11:30 to eat, it was more difficult to get him back into the crib. Though he was sound asleep when I laid him down, those eyes sprung open with the voracity of a three-year old hyped up on sugar. It was to be a difficult night. He awoke for the day at 5am, but with use of the Force, I was able to put him back down (albeit in the hammock, still standing beside our bed) until after 6.
Last night was worse.
And I, my friends, am running out of both hope and hair.
Let's talk about something else, ok?
It's March break for Caleb and Jeff, so I'm sure this week will be full of the sights and sounds from various video games. Does anyone have a spare bedroom I can come stay/hide in for a while? Seriously though, Caleb is usually a joy to have around. He actually enjoys helping me with laundry and baking and other things like that.
Incidentally, tonight is my first appointment with the Psychologist. I am...EXCITED. Is that odd? I mean, not only do I get to finally address the worsening problem of anxiety/depression/panic/obsessive compulsive disorder, but I also get to (and this is far more scintillating) spend some time, sans enfants, out of the house! I've begun to think of it as a night out! Do you think it would be strange if I dressed up and put make-up on? What if I bring her a corsage? Hey, it might get me some meds quicker.
We had a crazy weekend, so I owe some peoples some emails. If you're one of those people, my deepest apologies. Let's chalk it up to a combination of sleep deprivation and a busy few days. Oh and the migraine. Can't forget that. Fun times!
I think I'll sign off before this entry degenerates and spirals even further into a sarcastic monologue. Let me leave you with a picture of my beautiful 6 year-old!


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Mommyof3 said...

Ahh, 3:15am, the hour that my three year old finally WENT to sleep. Then up again at 4:30 and then the alarm for me at 6:15am. Hmmmm, I think I slept for 2 hours last night so I am feeling your pain today; except that the three year old (who is rebelling against having to stay in HER OWN BED all night...the cause of the no sleeep night) will watch Dora and Diego and can feed herself. Couldn't do the baby duty today. You are my hero. Good Luck. (PS: I put on makeup and dress up for doctor's appts and visits to the dentist...pathetic, but they are the only grown-ups I ever see - Enjoy your night out!)

At 10:49 AM, Blogger MomSquared said...

Your kids really are so cute.

You should totally dress up for the therapist!! Maybe bring a bottle of wine?

I'm glad you are going, and glad you are excited!

At 11:33 AM, Blogger moxiemomma said...

man, i'm so on your page right now. the girl has been waking up at 2:30 and 4:30 and not wanting to go back down again after that. i think she's getting sick, though (again).

too bad you're not closer i'd give you the keys to my parents' summer house and you could go luxuriate there. i say a trip to the psychologist is always worth dressing up for--i mean, you want to make a good impression, right? hee!

i'd wax on and on here, but alas, the girl, who should be napping, is up rattling her cage.

we'll both be bald together, you and i.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Odd Mix said...

Hope all goes well with the therapist. Excited is good!

I feel your pain with the little one.I think we experienced just about every possible adventure in sleep deprivation with our brood. But it passes.

Get headphones for the video games. We have four Leapster educational game systems running in our house. There are ususaly at least two of them on at any given moment. I would go insane without the headphones I bought for the kids. get cheap ones - they get broken alot.

I love the Leapsters, BTW. My kids are learning tons from them - far better than flash cards and spelling drills.

At 12:24 PM, Anonymous LetterB said...

My husband always sticks his head in the bathroom and asks me "why are you putting on mascara to go see your therapist?" He just doesn't get it. Sorry about the sleep woes - we just got over a bout of 4:30 waking ourselves and honestly I didnt know if we were all going to get through it alive. Hope it passes quickly.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Eden said...

My 2 month old decided at 9 a.m. (after I was up w/ him & his toddler sister in the wee hours) that he is incredibly funny and decided to lay in his bassinet and laugh at himself. Then he pooped. And laughed. So I feel your exhaustion ;)

At 1:40 PM, Blogger MomToTracyNSheri said...

Different stuff works for different people. Good old Weissbluth saved our LIVES. After 20 minutes of crying the first few nights, Sheridan has slept through the night (11-12 hours!!!) since. She goes down at 8pm and gets up around 7:30am. Rarely does she cry in the night and if she does, she goes back to sleep in 1-2 minutes.

It was a short stint in hell but it's been heaven since then.

I know it doesn't work for everyone. But it sure as HELL worked for us. I give the book to all of my friends at their baby showers. I can't believe I'm the first chick to mention Dr. W. here in the comments for this post, lol.

At 2:02 PM, Blogger mama_tulip said...

Oh, sleep...I long for it, too. Hope it gets better, girl.

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm gonna say something i'm pretty sure i won't stick to...but i'm planning on lettin this baby in my belly cry it MAY be the only way!!! and to get them use to sleeping on their own when their reallll young might work? no rawking him to feeding him to waiting for him to be asleep before putting him to bed..
that sounds EASY to do doesn't it???YEA but uhhhhh i highly doubt it'll work...i'm just dreaming lol
your sis

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Jennboree said...

Ohhhh, sleep issues are #1 in our house. Much better since I put her in a "big girl bed" which is just a double mattress on the floor. She always HATED her crib. Never slept in it. I pray baby #2 will be better!

I totally get you dressing up for the therapist. You're actually going to converse with another adult..uninterrupted! That in itself is reason to bring a bottle of champagne. :)

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Eve said...

I wish I could snuggle that sweet Liam FOR you at 3:15am- since I am awake going pee every 10 minutes anyways, you could just sleep!

I've been spoiled in the sleep dept. with Piper, as she is as lazy as I am, so my world is gonna change drastically when the twins arrive. Dear god.

I hope your appt goes really well! Thinking of you, sweetie.

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Meow said...

Good luck with the sleep problem !! Take care, Meow

At 1:34 PM, Blogger s@bd said...

oh sweet woman!! I cannot imagine ...

Have you heard of giving non-sleepers some melatonin? My sister-in-law does it with her little one and she often gets to sleep until 6:30am ...

I'll see if I can get some more info and send it directly to you.

p.s. and in reference to the 'crazy' post: you've never sounded more sane. Do what you have to do to feel right and DON'T apologize for it.

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

3.15?! Argh! Not enough sleep!

Alex was a rubbish sleeper until he was about 7/8 months old. From the day he was born I was told over and over and over again by midwives, health visitors etc to "feed on demand". So as a new mum I dutifully fed on demand, sometimes three times a night until I was utterly exhausted and diagnosed with PND and THEN they looked at me as if I was slightly thick and told me at Alex's age I shouldn't still be feeding at night. Helpful.

Anyway - we did controlled crying with him. It was two nights of utter misery and I shed more tears than he did, but he's been a wonder sleeper ever since. It's not for everyone ... but it worked for us.

Was thinking of you last night - hope the appointment was successful!


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