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Friday, August 25, 2006

Sweetie Liam

Every morning, Jim gets Liam and brings him to me in bed. A few months ago, when he’d do this, Liam would happily smack me around a bit and then get down off the bed so he could pull the books off the bookshelf or otherwise wreak havoc.

Now, though, he crawls to me, lays his head on my arm, and curls himself into me. I pull the covers over us and just smell his hair for a while. He’ll stay until I tell him it’s time to go eat breakfast. Sometimes, he’ll lift his head to stare into my eyes or readjust his tiny little body so it fits better into mine, but mostly we just lie there quietly.

Even when he wants to play, he’s cuddly. He’ll say, “bap! bop!” and I’ll tickle his tummy or under his arm. He’ll giggle and wriggle around a bit, then wait. Then he’ll slap his teeny little feet against my thigh and I’ll say, “footie footie…FEETIES!” and tickle, tickle, tickle, until he’s completely dissolved in a breathless fit of giggles. He’ll search my face, looking for the glasses he so loves to grab and fling in one swift motion. When he doesn’t find them, he’ll bow his head a bit, like a bull about to charge, and plow his forehead softly into my face…and hold. Such an intense hug, this. It doesn’t matter that he’s crushing my eyeball or squishing my nose. “Wub wub,” he’ll say, or, “abm abm” and I just try, try to soak it in.

I don’t know what’s done it. He’s always been a snuggler – fiercely tightening his body into mine whenever I picked him up, even just after he was born. But now, it’s so much more conscious…we expect frequent hugs from him all day, now. And he’s constantly climbing up on our laps for a quick hug, then getting down again to play a bit…then up he comes again…I wonder if it’s because he’s finally weaned (by the way, WHEE!)? I wonder if he just got used to being around us so much more during vacation? I don’t know.

But wow, I’m glad.

Monday, August 21, 2006

It's a Good Thing I Get His Sense of Humour...

Well, the boys are back in daycare and we can start settling back into our routine, whatever that means. It seems to change quite frequently.

Caleb doesn’t start grade 2 for a couple of weeks so luckily Liam and Aidan’s daycare worker took him. It’s nice that they’ll be together, but I’m nervous about how it’ll go. Caleb and Aidan can be a bit…(rambunctious? FREAKY? insanity-inducing?)…energetic when they’re together. And I know Aidan will have a hard time going for a nap when he knows Caleb is awake and playing Gamecube in the next room…

When we dropped them off this morning, the daycare worker asked how our holiday was. I told her it sucked, but that I had managed to get a tattoo. Jim manhandled me until my shirt was all the way up my back and everyone in the room was looking at my tattoo. And the back of my bra. When I questioned him rather forcefully afterward, he said that we didn’t pay all that money for it not to be shown off. I replied that if I’d gotten it to show off I would have had it done more prominently, say, on my shoulder or forehead. He said that he didn’t care why I got it, but that in order for it to be worth it in his eyes, I should be showing it off. He went on to state that I should be running around naked, saying, “Look at my tattoo! And my ass!”

So if you see some naked chick with a tattoo of a fairy on her back running around and screaming about her ass, that would most likely be me. Say hi!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Much Nicer Than The Last Post

Bubbles. Always a cheap, fun alternative to going out!
Observe Aidan as he has oodles of fun!

HeHe had just popped one here. Stomping is another good way to kill bubbles.
Oooh the charm...

But do you see the wickedness behind his smile? By this time he was wreaking havoc and jumping and yelling and exhibiting way too much energy.

So I blew a giant bubble and popped him in there when he wasn't looking.


Well, not quite. But one cannot entitle her post, "diarrhea" and hope to keep her readership, can one?
Yeah so that's been me for the past few days. Feeling better today; just weak and tired. Still can't eat much.
So I'm getting rather tired of all this sickness. Jim's encouraging me to go see a doctor about it, but really I think I just need to keep up the de-stressing efforts. I really believe stress contributes to physical health in a big way.
Last day of "vacation" today (I won't mention the six sick days in there. oops) and WOW we're having fun! Jim's playing Katamari and I'm dyeing my hair. We're going to go get Caleb's school supplies (after we rob a bank) and also get him a beginner's piano book. Someday we'll get him a keyboard, too!
Did I tell you how my singing lesson went? No? Well, I won't because it's too boring, but I'll just tell you that I loved it and I can't wait to go back. Tra lala!
Have a great day, darlings.

Friday, August 11, 2006


If you ask me, Aidan knocked it down when he was acting goofy in the kitchen.
If you ask Aidan, he didn't do it. His dinner tray did. While it was on his head. And he's not sad that he hurt my flute, but he's very sad that he didn't get to have a cookie before his nap.
I'm just sad.

ps: Weird - I named the pic "sadness" when I saved it, but when I went to find it again to post it, it was named "beauty". What the?

pss: Also, does anyone know if this can be fixed?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

It can hardly be called that when we're not going anywhere or doing anything. And Jim's at work 'til the weekend so I get the two youngest to try to keep occupied. Vacation...ha! Don't get me wrong - it is nice to be able to spend some time with Aidan and Liam. Such lovely little boys they are! But I must say it's far from relaxing. Is it awful that I miss work? I can't believe I'm saying that...just four months ago I was crying over having to go back. But it's an important part of my life, and I like doing something I feel proud of. Not to mention the much-needed paycheque. Them student loans ain't gonna pay themselves!
Today, we'll go visit my sister and her little guy, Gage. Haven't seen her in a while and it'll break up the day nicely.
Guess what I'm doing tonight? Don't laugh. I'm going to my first singing lesson! Hey! You're laughing!
I've always wanted lessons and a friend of mine let me tag along to hers the other night. It was all the inspiration I needed to sign up. I'm actually excited to be doing more for myself lately; it's long overdue. And it's getting easier. Too easy, in fact. People, it's FUN doing things for yourself! It's freeing! Empowering, even! Who knew?
I guess I should do laundry or something.
Bah. Vacation! What-EVER!

Oh! First, let me entertain you with a conversation Aidan and I had yesterday:

Me: Well, I have to go to the bathroom; I'll just be gone a minute.
Aidan: Do you have to go poop?
Me: Why, yes, actually!
Aidan: Oh! You'd better hurry up, Mom!
Me: Why, dear?
Aidan: Well, we don't want to poop in our pants, do we?

Still giggling over that one!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tattoo Story Tuesday

I did a very short reading for my tattoo artist.
What can I say? I was nervous, it was my first tattoo and he asked me what I do for a living. When I told him I was a government worker, I could feel his malaise.
I am so uncool.
So, I told him that I also work as a psychic. He became slightly more animated, though sceptical. He jovially announced that he had a kook in his chair, then quietly inquired as to whether I saw anything about him.
Let me just say that I don't think I've ever been so glad to have been accurate.
I love my tattoo! This isn't something I did on a whim, and I'm glad. I've been thinking about it and planning it for years. I got "the faerie that was kissed by the pixies" by Brian Froud. A few years ago, when I was still doing a lot of tarot readings, I found the Faerie's Oracle and was instantly in love. I loved the deck and felt such connection to it, even though I already knew that I didn't need to use cards any more. My deck has since disappeared (I'm sure they were stolen; I took very good care of them...) but my love for Froud's artwork lives on. I've been an unknowing fan since I was very little, when I repeatedly watched The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth with my sister. Both movies were built around Froud' creatures. I've got a small collection of his books and even a little figurine. He makes me remember to look at the world like I did when I was a kid - when the forest held a billion secrets and I would do anything to be in it.
My faerie represents love. I've always loved her...I brought her card to my first visit to the tattoo parlour two years ago and they enlarged it, saying we'd need to go bigger to get all the detail in. I was a bit taken aback by the size (and price!) and ultimately put it off until I was pregnant and then couldn't get her. When I went back last week, not only ready, but anxious to finally get it done, dude took one look at the enlarged picture I had kept on my fridge for two years and said it would have to be 30% bigger.
Oh my.
Of course, my deck was gone, but I'd brought in my "Good Faeries, Bad Faeries" book and they made a new picture. I brought it home and cut her out of the copy, taping her to my back and making Jim take pictures.
Though it would be expensive, no doubt painful, and bigger than I'd hoped, I found myself going back the next day. I found that I simply couldn't NOT do it.
And I'm so glad.
It truly didn't hurt until the last 20 minutes, when I was all swollen and bleeding. And my dear friends and tattoo experts came by to keep me company and see the final product. One of them asked my artist how long he was booked up for, and he reported he was booked solid until October. He looked at me, shaking his head, saying he didn't know quite how they fit me in that day.
It was that little reading, and the readings I'll do for his sister and girlfriend. Fate.
Funny how things sort of all tie together, isn't it?
Makes me smile.

Here she is again, healing:

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Guess What I Did Last Night...

Saturday, August 05, 2006


He took two steps by himself.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ghost Story Tuesday ( Ha Ha Ha!)

So, it’s Tuesday.

Traditionally, my ghost-story day. Some of you may have noticed (and/or emailed asking where the heck the ghost stories are) that Tuesdays have been sadly bereft of ghost stories around here. I must tell you that the inevitable seems to have happened: my life has once again become so crazed that this precious part of me is being squished into a much smaller precious part. I miss it! I am still doing remote reads, but only after stoic persistence from the seekers, I must admit. It’s difficult to carve time for it, but I must continue, because I love it so!

So don’t stop asking. And ask a LOT, or my brain may simply file it away forever. Not intentional, I assure you. In that vein, I must tell everyone who’s asked for a reading and either not heard from me (for shame!) or has yet to solidify an appointment with me to ASK AGAIN. I’m not ignoring you. My email account isn’t reliable lately, and I lost a lot of emails. Also the crazy busy-ness. And insanity. And life-changing events. Etc. So please, please ask again.

Oh! And plans for the business are still on, but they’re on hold while my dear friend and colleague settles in with her new baby. Some days, holding on to the promise of our business is what gets me through the workday! (No pressure, Kels!)

Once we have things up and running, Tuesdays will be exciting again. And you have to believe me, because I know these things, remember?